5 December 2017


Hi everybody! I am incredibly happy to announce that I have moved on over to Wordpress, another blogging server, after spending 3-4 years slaving over blogspot.

I am so pleased that my blog made the big move (which was incredibly easy) and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of switching as I did so for far too long.

You can access my new hyperlink here: http://theteenagejournalblog01.wordpress.com/

17 November 2017


 In the week of 16th-20th October I partook in a week of work experience at Diesel LTD. 

Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, an Italian designer, Diesel is a retail clothing company which sells casual luxury items to a main audience of male consumers, and a smaller proportion to female customers; a huge sacrifice they had to make after the women's department was failing to succeed. However, as they take further steps into catering for Generation Z their clothing is moving to a genderless category which we should all be very excited about!

After a LOT of pestering I was accepted for the placement along with my friend Liz (an aspiring designer who you can read about here) and I could not be more grateful for the time I spent there. Not only did HQ have an amazing, familiar atmosphere to it but the people who work there are so passionate about what they are doing, it inspired me to do whatever I can to find a home in the fashion industry. 

One of the most inspiring people who I met during the course was called Nigel Sam. Previously to working for Diesel full time he worked there for free on the side for 10 years until they persuaded him to work there as their facilities manager after he took over a sales event. The event usually sold £8,000 worth of stock in one day, but with Nigel's help it took a huge turn in profit to £30,000 in 30 minutes!

It is impossible to explain the talent that this man possessed, but he also has a natural ability to read us according to anything from our body language to our shoe choice. This also meant that we were able to practice interview technique with him which was insanely helpful. Zara look out - an interviewee is on her way! 

During my week at Diesel, the company were preparing for 'D-Day' and the first stages of launching their new season of clothing for SS18. This of course called for showrooms to be designed and models to walk. Although I was not strutting my little legs down the cat walk I was able to design a few showrooms and dress a few handsome (!!!) models. Fortunately for Liz and myself the showroom designs were accepted and the models all walked out on time in order...who knew dressing a model in 1.5 minutes into a new pair of clothes four times could give you the same heart beat as a light cardio sesh?!

The week was inspiring to be part of and it just makes me want to get into the fashion industry as soon as I can, hence the first blog post in a while. Although there was a definite sense of stress throughout the week when preparing for 'D-Day' and the press event the following week, the adrenaline made me so excited and as though I was actually part of Diesel HQ.

Before the work experience when I was calling the office yet again to confirm everything, Nigel had picked up the phone and had claimed 'Darling, if you don't have the best week of your life by the end of the work experience, I will eat my hat!' Nigel, do not worry you will not have to eat your hat this time.

18 July 2017

PROM 2017

On 8th July I had my post-GCSE Prom night which three other girls and I organised for our year. 

Although it was stressful at times having to organise the mass event and attempt to pass my GCSE's at the same time, it was incredibly successful and I possibly had the best night of my life! I know not everyone is into partying and some find it really quite challenging to their anxiety, but it was so amazing to spend a few hours with my entire year where we just drunkenly ran around hugging and telling each other how much we loved and will miss everyone when we separate to attend our own colleges.

I learnt quite a lot from Prom and I'm just going to list a few preparatory tasks that you should aim to look after and sort out as well as some photos from the night.

Prom day is always going to be stressful especially when you have to take time over your makeup and hair with the knowledge that the photos taken that day will be circulating for quite a while. I personally did not have enough time to spend on my makeup as the lovely lady, Keeley, who was doing my hair was taking her time in making my curls look perfect. Also, if you have never attempted to put false eyelashes on before previously to prom, it's harder than it looks and takes practice and could quite easily ruin your makeup. Some of my friends decided to go and get their makeup done professionally which some really highly recommend, but if you're not used to the heavy application of makeup and are aiming for a more natural look then I would suggest avoiding anyone at MAC in particular as they are not well known for their 'light' looks.

Not everyone has their 'Say Yes To The Dress' moment for Prom, I'm sorry. Personally, I picked up the dress and was not at all convinced I was going to wear it even when I bought it, but with a cheeky bit of accessorising everything came together! Furthermore, your shoes are most likely going to be absolutely trashed at one point during the night so DO NOT buy some Louis Vuitton's for Prom unless you want to happily waste your money.

Bring a disposable! Disposable camera's are so fun and easy to use and they do not break or get smashed easily so you never have to worry about dropping it like you do with your phone. Not all the photos always turn out, but the ones that do are great and then you have got that collection of photos printed out forever. Take loads of photos too as they are always hilarious to look back on and sometimes they help you piece together the night...

Do not worry if you don't have a prom date, unfortunately the guy I wanted to go with has a girlfriend and so she wasn't too pleased about him going with me. However, in the end I am so glad I didn't have to tag anyone along and I could be as free and wild as I wanted! (There was also no one telling me I like silly or was doing something stupid which is always a perk!)

Nails don't really matter. In the end as I said earlier I was really struggling with timing and I didn't actually paint my nails in the end, of course some find that getting your acrylics finishes the looks, but in the photos you can't even see the tiny details. So I feel you have nice nails anyway, just put a nice clean cut of nail polish over them and you're good to go! 

Finally, don't get stressed about Prom! It is meant to be a super fun night to remember, whether that is at the actual Prom or the after Prom, but just have a good time and don't get too caught up in the prepping problems. I hope this really helped and that if your Prom is yet to come, enjoy! and if you've been there, done that I hope you had a fantastic time.